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Stop L&G

Legal & General (L&G) have submitted a planning application to develop 550+ homes on farmed Green Belt land in North Harpenden. 


Such a development will bring Harpenden to a standstill. Driven solely by the profit they will make, L&G are pressing ahead with a planning application to our District Council in St Albans, so that they can avoid new legislation which the Government intends to introduce very shortly to protect Green Belt.


We will do all we can to stop them but we need your help urgently.

Harpenden Green Belt field sunset

How you can help

You can attend the Harpenden Town Council public meeting about L&G's scheme at Park Hall, Leyton Road from 7-7.15pm Tuesday 30th May. You can submit questions in advance and apply to speak individually for three minutes at the meeting by emailing the Town Council here. You must submit your requests by noon on Friday 26th May. If you would like us to help advise you on topics to cover in your questions and speeches, please contact us.

The deadline for responding to L&G's planning application has been extended to June 8th. We need as many people to submit objections to the Council as possible. Please read our views and find out more about how to submit your proposal here. Or click the button below to submit your response directly to St Albans District Council's planning portal.

Join us in our efforts to Stop L&G.

Our summary of L&G's proposals

In our opinion this huge development will have a major detrimental impact on local residents. It will:

  • result in significant levels of increased traffic on already over-congested major roads;

  • lead to major traffic surges on ill-equipped residential roads with consequential risks to pedestrian safety

  • affect the quality of education provision at local primary and secondary schools;

  • overwhelm inadequate local sewerage infrastructure;

  • cause permanent and significant adverse effects to local listed buildings;

  • put more pressure on local health services; and

  • cause major levels of construction-related disruption for six years at a minimum

While the harmful effects of this development are clear and real, the benefits to local residents are not. L&G say that Harpenden is at risk of "stagnation" and that we need this development for the Town to remain viable. That is nonsense! We are asking St Albans District Council to reject this proposal and we hope you will do the same.

Grounds for objecting to L&G's plan

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Make a donation

We still urgently need more support from professional planning and traffic experts to help us make the best defence we can to L&G’s proposals. We need your help to raise funds for this as soon as possible.

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