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L&G's cycling plans don't stack up:

L&G say that the new residents will use two new cycle lanes, but there are huge practical problems with both of them. One, on the Luton Road, consists only of a white line running down this busy, congested main road. We don’t think people will be encouraged to cycle by a route which does not meet Government safety guidelines and disappears completely at the Nickey Line bridge just when cyclists most need protection. The other proposed cycle lane is via Ambrose Lane, which is a very busy through route. The Council has assessed that both cycle routes would cost millions of pounds to upgrade appropriately, but L&G are not offering to fully fund the improvements so the upgrades will not happen. Indeed it seems clear that L&G have not thought through how the shift to more cycling is going to work in practice, since the housing development will also introduce a lot more traffic on to the very roads they suggest will be a cycle “Quietway”.


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Apr 19, 2023

We agree that L&G assessment of the local traffic and its potential to develop a quiet cycle routes ignores the already limited space and excessive peak traffic which already endangers cyclists on roads like Westfield Road which links with Ambrose Lane/ Ox Lane. Through traffic will be brought to a standstill not only on Carlton Road, Sun Lane etc. Health problems are already hitting cyclists, nano and normal dust particles weighing heavily on respiratory systems, making wearing masks with filters almost a decision for survival

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