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New residents will drive not walk, despite L&G's claims:

L&G need to justify their development as environmentally "sustainable", so they misleadingly claim that within a 10-12 minute walk of the site “there are 5 schools, including pre-school, primary and secondary education settings. There is also a Waitrose superstore, sport and recreation grounds, Harpenden hospital, GPs and dentists". As local residents, we know this is manifestly absurd. In fact we have walked the distances ourselves and demonstrated that it takes 23 minutes to walk to Waitrose and 26 minutes to walk to the station from the house on Cooters End Farm in the heart of their site. We know that new residents will have to use their cars for most of their journeys and we believe L&G know this too - that is why they are providing 1,200 car parking spaces on their site which equates to over 2 spaces for every home they are building.


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