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Traffic impacts will be nightmarish:

As local residents we are convinced that the traffic generated by this development will be a complete nightmare. We all know how congested the Luton Road already is. Imagine how much worse this will get when as many as 1,200 cars flood onto it at peak times! We are also very concerned that narrow residential streets in the vicinity such as Cooters End Lane, Ambrose Lane and Tennyson Road will be unable to cope with the inevitable huge increase of traffic.

You might think these traffic problems are so obvious that L&G would provide robust and comprehensive traffic evidence to prove otherwise. However our independent traffic expert has found this is not the case. L&G's proposal is not thorough enough and it substantially underestimates the traffic-related issues with development on this site. For example, they have used data from the abnormally quiet period during the pandemic to assess road safety.


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