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Bert Pawle's response

Q1: Do you oppose L&G’s plan and will you do all you can to stop it happening?

A: I am concerned that this proposal, which I have tracked formally as a District Councillor, and now as a Town Councillor, has the propensity to change Harpenden to its detriment forever on several fronts, and where possible, I will represent residents' views/objections to the best of my ability, if re-elected to the Town Council.

Q2: Will you oppose any future attempt to expand Harpenden by building on Green Belt, eg through Local Plan housing targets?

A: Similarly, I will again, to the best of my ability, support residents' views/objections on this and any other inappropriate development on our greenbelt, which does not provide the appropriate necessary infrastructure etc., and protection of the character of our area and environment. Again this if re-elected to the Town Council.

3) Q (For Town councillors only): Will you commit to holding a large-scale public meeting immediately after the election (eg May 12th) at which local residents can share their concerns about L&G’s planning application.

A: I understand there will be a public council meeting of the Town Council, for members to formulate a formal response to the proposal, at some time after the 4th May elections, where if I am not re-elected to the Town Council, I will not have a member's voice/vote.

Q4: (For Town councillors only) Do you commit to urgently sending a strong letter of objection from the Town Council to St Albans District Council about L&G’s planning application in time for this to be considered as part of the public consultation?

A: If re-elected, I will ensure that the Town Council puts in a robust objection response, with my support.

My views expressed above, are those of a predisposition, not a predetermination, the latter of which would preclude me from having a legitimate vote at the Town Council public meeting to formulate an agreed response, again this if re-elected.


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